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"I love working with the Inkdrop team. They know exactly how to visually communicate our essence.”
— Gemma Major, Co-founder and Chair, Seed Waikato

CLIENT Seed Waikato

DELIVERABLES Branding + responsive website design with events and e-commerce capabilities.

CREATIVE TEAM Lisa Ryan, Holly Melville & Kaknika Som Ek.

Seed Waikato is an organisation that brings millennials together to improve their wellbeing, empowering them to dream big and take action. The brief was to create a brand with supporting collateral that embodied their vision to create a connected group of dreamers and doers. They also needed a comprehensive website which enabled them to run events and workshops throughout the Waikato with e-commerce capabilities. 

With an emphasis on connection and unity, we created a segmented type which comes together to form the overall word-mark ‘seed’. The use of lowercase letter-forms ensures that the brand feels welcoming, warm and approachable whilst the punchy yellow not only embodies the energised and positive nature of Seed, but screams 'look at me!'.