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Lisa Ryan
Founder and Creative Director

Lisa has always had an immense passion for design. Her broad range of talents and keen interest in brand development not only led to her working with a number of clients during her studies, but she also received the Supreme Design Award in her final year. Always striving for the best, Lisa has always been driven to start her own business and develop an outstanding team to ensure her clients always leave with a smile.


  1. Who is your alter ego? The child that walks in on her Dad's BBC interview.
  2. Who is your favourite designer? I love Jessica Hische!
  3. What is your favourite typeface? Gotham! We are going to see the typeface designer, Tobias Frere-Jones, speak at Semi Permanent (a design conference) in August which I'm very excited about.
  4. What is the best concert you have ever been to? I have to admit, I'm a big Taylor Swift fan so it would be her Speak Now tour when she came to Auckland.
  5. Apple or Android? Apple.
  6. Favourite ice cream? Cookies & Cream.
  7. Favourite television show? Game of Thrones!
  8. Favourite hobby? Hand lettering.
  9. Quote you live by? Sleep is for the weak.
  10. Fun Fact: Lisa loves listening to music from Disney films at work (however, no one else at work loves listening to music from Disney films).