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Holly Melville
Graphic Designer

Holly is a Graphic Designer with a sharp, creative mind combined with a love for concept driven work. Recently graduating from WINTEC, Holly was awarded the Gravitas Media Award for Merit and the PAN Media Award for Advertising! We are very proud of her and are happy to have her on the Inkdrop Creative Team. 


  1. Who is your favourite designer? Shabnam Shiwan. She creates really clever conceptual designs and is detail oriented.
  2. What is your favourite typeface? Avenir is my go to typeface because it feels balanced and is easy to read.
  3. What is the best concert you have ever been to? I’ll let you know when I go to one :o.
  4. Apple or Android? Apple.
  5. Favourite ice cream? I love all ice cream.
  6. Favourite television show? Rick and Morty.
  7. Favourite hobby? Does going to the beach count as a hobby?
  8. Quote(s) you live by?
    • Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands.
    • Life is short, smile while you have teeth.
  9. What's your favourite project you have worked on?
    I worked on clothing packaging for a friend who was starting up their own business. The design was more conceptual which is one of my favourite areas of design and why I loved working on the project.
  10. Fun Fact: Holly believes to succeed in life you need a wish bone, a backbone and a funny bone.